Kikumasamune Sake Face Mask High Moist 7's

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This is a face skin care pack (Skin care mask) based with Japanese Sake (rice fermentation liquid moisturizing component).

It established an excellent skin condition in the glycyrrhizin acid 2K (component) is compounded, to keep the smooth and healthy skin with no rough. it has been further compounded with a high moisturizing effect amino acid and ceramide.

Fluffy soft sheets wraps your face gently to avoid skin dryness in the daily life.

Luxury compounded sake (rice fermentation liquid) and 8 kinds of amino acids (moisturizing) and is sustaining the moisture, two types of ceramide (moisturizing component) leads to moist skin.

In sheet form which can also be on top of the eyelid in care, and lifting or folding the eyes part, you can use in two ways.

Please enjoy this 7 times of intensive original sake mask experience.

We recommend to you to use these face pack after using the Sake skin care lotion, you can feel more effective results.

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Kikumasamune Sake Face Mask High Moist 7's

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