CLAYGE D Series Limited Set (Shampoo + Treatment + Free Mini Curling Iron)

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Product Features

CLAYGE- hair care series - Sensational ''Clay'' & ''Relaxation'' hair spa Salon quality head spa at home Point 1: Blended natural clay - Natural clay absorbs dirt of scalp and washes up while hydrating hair and scalp. Point 2 : Deep Repairing - CLAYGE leads your hair to beautiful from root-to-tip by high quality repairing and moisturizing ingredients. Point 3 : Healing Fragrance - You can enjoy daily

Product Highlights
  • People with messy hair
  • People who care about dry hair
  • People who care about damaged hair

What is in the set?

1. It contains clay and honey - A non-silicone shampoo that moisturizes and cleanses your skin.
2. Treatments specializing in damage care!
3. The curling iron that comes with this bonus is a mini size that is easy to use and is perfect for traveling and carrying around for repairs!

◎ Recommended for those who want to repair damaged hair and make it cohesive!

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CLAYGE D Series Limited Set (Shampoo + Treatment + Free Mini Curling Iron)

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