CLAYGE Fresh Cleansing (Scalp Scrub) 150g

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Product Features
  • Deep cleanses hair pores.
  • Scalp for moisturize, refreshing and healthy hair purposes.

Product Highlights

This scalp cleansing salt shampoo that you use once every 3 days is for those with scalp stickiness and odor concerns. French salt ingredients & clay ingredients abundant in minerals freshly wash away scalp and hair dirt, leading to a clean scalp environment.

  • Cleaning skin salt shampoo once every 3 days, aimed at people who care about the sticky background and odor.
  • It is cleaned by refreshing the skin and pore dirt with refreshing mineral-rich French salt ingredients and common series of clay ingredients, leading to the surface of the surface.
  • Ceramide, coenzyme Q10, pomegranate fruit extract, etc.
  • It blends abundant ingredients that give the skin firmness and moisture.
  • A faint menthol gives a refreshing sensation to the wash as well.
  • Floral musk scent.

CLAYGE フレッシュクレンジングの聞い圭(嶄忽Z井)

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CLAYGE Fresh Cleansing (Scalp Scrub) 150g

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