Best Shampoo For Aging Hair - Dear Beaute Himawari


From the late 30s, many women feel that their hair becomes more difficult to manage and even begin to become wavy and frizzy, one of the sign of aging hair. According to Kracie’s study on this case, It is understood that the cause of this issue is because of the imbalance of the ratio of lipid and water inside and outside the hair. 

The name of “Sunflowers” in katakana and Chinese characters are all derived from the sun, making people feel bright just by looking at the flowers. Wanting to create shampoos for women who are concerned about changes in their hair quality, the brand Himawari is created. 


Himawari is a Japanese hair care brand which is committed to repairing disordered hair (wavy, frizzy and dry hair) and aims to achieve healthy and natural hair, without adding sulfate and silicone in the products. 


According to Kracie's studies regarding ''hair distortion'', when the balance between water and lipid inside the hair is disturbed and biased, it will make the inside of the hair hard while the outside is soft, resulting in an uneven curl of the hair, a sign of aging hair. 

 For straight(healthy) hair like the image shown, the moisture and lipid inside the hair are balanced and even. 


The power of SUNFLOWERS 🌻

The products of Himawari are blended with their exclusive “premium sunflower oil EX”, in which the power of nutritious sunflowers is highly condensed. Sunflower oil is usually found in hair care formulas. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most common base oils used in the hair care industry, thanks to several key properties of this oil.


Sunflower oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. With its high fluidity and fast penetration rate, it can spread over the entire hair in a very short time, and balances lipid and moisture inside and outside the hair. 


HIMAWARI has launched 3 different series, Volume & Repair, Rich & Repair, and Gloss & Repair, in order to meet the needs of more women. In addition to “Premium sunflower EX” mentioned above, these three series are added with different sunflower essences to achieve different effects.

For the Volume and Repair series, it contains Sunflower Leaf and Stem Extract to increase the strength and elasticity of the hair, suitable for those with fine, soft, thin and flat hair. 


Sunflower Sprout Fermented extract is added to the Rich and Repair series to prevent the hair from getting frizzy, best for those with hard, stiff, thick and frizzy hair. 


While for those whose hair is in a normal condition but slightly dry and frizzy, The Gloss and Repair series is perfect for you! It contains Fermented sunflower bud extract to retain moisture and increase hair luster, resulting in smooth and shiny hair. 


You can choose the series that suits you best according to your needs.


Himawari is not only featured in Japanese magazine LDK as one of the A-level Best Buys, but also the No.1 shampoo of 2016 Japan COSME Awards and the No.1 in 2019 Japan's COSME new shampoo products. 

It is even recommended by the famous beauty guru in Taiwan, Kevin Lao Shi 👉


So what are you waiting for? Anti-age your hair by using Himawari!